Specialist Consulting Advice For Complex IoT/IIoT Projects or Business Platform Needs

Specialist IoT, IIoT, wireless, NTN, electronics and software engineering advisors

About Us

At SensorNex Consulting, we have decades of experience in hardware, telecommunications, software, and business consulting on complex projects.

  • Electronics and radio design skills in the IoT arena
  • Complex network technology experience with 5G, LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M1, LoRaWAN, wireless mesh, and NTN LEO satellite based wireless solutions
  • Full-stack SaaS solution design and edge-computing solution experience

We specialise in providing knowledge based guidance on complex IoT solutions. If you've hit the 'brick wall' on a thorny issue, we're here to assist you moving past it. Tap into our deep knowledge and understand and move forwards past the blockers using our guidance and experience. Often it's just a few extra facts that customers need to be sure of their next decisions in a project or solution. If you're a business stakeholder, or Start-Up founder, and are concerned that your investment is at risk, or that potential VC's are concerned about an aspect, we will help surface facts and risks in an intelligable manner. Or if it's just a specialised training workshop you need, that's us too.

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Struggling to move beyond the Proof-of-Concept phase? Most PoC's incorrectly focus on solving technical challenges, and forget to surface business value. Make it Proof-of-Value instead

Focus on one or two discrete business deliverables that hold value to stakeholders, and deliver these well. Use our experience to assist with with this process.

  • 01 What makes an IoT project succeed?

    IoT projects succeed when their stakeholders or customers see value. At the start of the journey identifying these key indicators is crucial. Understanding price sensitivities around value is also important - there's no point in testing a $10,000 nitrate sensor if someone is only prepared to pay $1/month for access to this information!

  • This is often a tough question to answer. Many start-ups and companies expect their employees to build up all the knowledge they need to solve tough IoT challenges in-house first, and it takes a while before they realise just how much specific and deep knowledge is required to answer some of the tough questions affecting investment choices. Using an external expert can save you months of work in some cases, and a great deal of money that could otherwise have been wasted.

  • No. We use customer project specific NDA's, and existing customer IP is fully retained. If we bring IP to the table, we discuss its usage rights beforehand. SImply using IoT related publised global standards and specifications as best-practices is not considered IP - simply 'wise choices'.

Skills, technology experience

Where do we spend our time with customers and clients?

Business and Product Technical Strategy 41%
IoT end-to-end Systems Integration 22%
Complex SW & FW planning and development 9%
Training, workshops, and knowledge-transfer 15%
Specialist IoT & IIoT Protocol Design Guidance (LwM2M, CoAP, MQTT, MODBUS)8%
IoT Specialist Radio Planning and Network Design 5%


SensorNex Consulting provides professional services in a multitude of areas. With over 30+ years of deep technical experience in multiple domains, there's usually some area of value we can offer to customers on their IoT of IIoT journey. We make a point of testing and understanding the latest technologies and software frameworks relevant to the IoT & IIoT domains, and maintaining relationships with suppliers of these and the technical standards communities.

IoT Technical Design

From initial concept discussions, through to deep early and late stage technical designs. Details matter, and the right prior knowledge can prevent mistakes

LPWA Wireless Design

Guidance on LPWA technology use, RF considerations, and the understanding of using the correct protocols for the right use-cases

IoT Strategy Development

Assistance with IoT business strategy roadmaps, and product delivery strategies that scale from prototype to production

Systems & Platform Integration

Application development and Systems Integration are crucial aspects of any IoT/IIoT project undertaking. We have many years of experience with this.


We regularly also do customised and targeted technical training for customers, ranging from start-ups just beginning their IoT project, to corporate IT & OT teams looking to better understand the deep intracacies of HW, FW, wireless communications, and back-end application & systems integrations. We also deliver training on IEEE, IETF, 3GPP and other internal specifications and standards. Additionally, we can also provide deep-dive training on LoRaWAN technologies and the LoRa Alliance specifications with hands-on experiences.

Projects Portfolio

SensorNex Consulting has completed a wide and diverse range of projects for its customers.

  • All
  • LWM2M
  • LPWA
  • Strategy
  • Training

Sigfox Conversion to NB-IoT with LwM2M

Customer product redesign to switch to NB-IoT with LwM2M to conserve energy.

IoT Developer cellular LPWA guidance

3GPP GSMA best-practices developer and customer guidance for a large NZ mobile operator LPWA NW.

WiFi conversion to NB-IoT with LwM2M

Customer assistance with v2 product design using NB-IoT with LwM2M.

Swarm LEO Satellite IoT

Consulting advice and guidance on design of Swarm Satellite IoT products.

Map & Zap hi-tech AgTech Project

Consulting guidance for an NZ hi-tech automated weed classification and eradication research project using new precision laser targeting technologies with AI based machine-vision.

New LPWA cellular LwM2M wearable product

Smart tracking and sensing earmuffs for the construction indstry.

Customised LoRaWAN Industrial Product

A custom built LoRaWAN industrial sensor solution using standard MODBUS sensors and a low-cost LoRaWAN RTU.

LoRaWAN Network Surveys

LoRaWAN network field surveys for customer locations. Temporary LoRa GW installs to pre-test radio morphologies before NW capital investment finalisations.

IoT/IIoT Training

Training for start-up & corpoarte teams seeking to understand the intersection of legacy industrial OT/SCADA with modern IoT LPWA technologies, wireless communications standards, sensor integrations, AI/ML, and more.

Cellular IoT Energy Optimisation Study

A detailed consulting report and guidance on battery powered cellular LPWA device energy optinisaions, including NB-IoT and LwM2M and comprehensive engineering parameter analysis.

FW Developer Training

Training for start-up & corporate FW developers seeking to understand the finer details of IoT messaging protocols and energy optimisations with modern LPWA technologies, and more.

Digital-Road Strategy Paper

A detailed consulting report on a digital (smart) roading strategy for a large NZ roading, infrastructure, and utilities company.

Dunedin City Smart Water Meter Project

Consulting advice on the planning and implementation for the commercial smart water metering solution for the greater Dunedin city area, utilising the LTE-M1 and NB-IoT cellular LPWA network.

Executive & Leadership Targeted Training

Training for leadership teams, executives, and board members on the intracacies of the complex IoT solution landscape, including investment risk profiling, Capex & Opex estimations, and partnership strategies.

Antenna Defect Correction and Modem Configuration Optimisation

Analysis of existing product defective cellular antenna type and placement, and LPWA modem configuration. Antenna placement redesign and optimised modem band selection and initialisation for the customer solution.

Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter LwM2M Payload Decoder

Analysis and integration of a new NB-IoT & LwM2M ultrasonic smart water meter product into the Tartabit IoT Bridge platform, and various additional upstream AMI platforms.

Roadmap Strategy Development for Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) Product Enablement

Customer project guidance on transitioning from legacy VHF based satellite services to emerging 3GPP Rel-17 Direct-to-Cell (D2C) based 5G NTN technologies, using the LwM2M 1.1 protocol stack for high-latency and energy optimisations.

IoT Platform Selection Strategy Development for enterprise customers

Customer strategy and RFP guidance on assessing and procuring an IoT platform best suited to integrations with their existing IT systems investments.

Rapid Prototype IoT Pump Controller

Rapid construction of an IoT pump control prototype for an urgent customer project with tight deadlines, including an inbuilt WIFI AP and a Web browser control interface.

Founder and extended team

SensorNex Consulting was founded in early 2022, out of essentially rebranding IoT Devzone Ltd, an IoT based consulting business that started in 2015. Run by the same experts, but an even sharper focus on delivering consulting value in the IoT, IIoT, and AI/ML space. We know the best SME's around for when we need to pull these into a customer project for the best outcomes, if we're missing something in particular a customer needs.

Andrew Leckie

Principal Consultant, Founder

30+ years deep experience in telecommunications, wireless networking, HW/FW, software development and architecture, IoT standards evolution, and business consulting. If it's the straight-up facts your're after with an assessment or guidance, look no further.

Local (NZ) and Global SME's

HW, SW, Hyper-scale Cloud, AI/ML, IoT NW Operators

Senior experienced Subject Matter Experts in AI/ML/MV, specialists in MS Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform cloud development. Software expertise in specific language domains, RF engineering expertise, wireless communications and electronics design.


Although we're based in Christchurch, New Zealand, we engage and work with customers through Oceania and around the world regularly. These days most of our customers are very familiar with remote engagement models, and the online communication tools available to partner with a good experience. The only things we can't change are time-zone differences!



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